Sample model


Meter cluster panel

We offer lifelike prototype model by combining high quality resin cutting technology and technology to control lighting on dial face processed spin finish, silk printing and laser marking.


We can create lightweight wheel model processed by cutting from chemical wood orduplicate by vacuum forming. We provide beautiful and lifelike product painted carefuly and creativity at low cost.

Water faucet

Even our product is made by resin, it exudes dignity supported by chrome coated faucet and stone-like painted top. Touch sensor and thermal sensor is embedded inside and shows operation condition by light.

Metallic Processing

We offer Numerical Control cutting processing, turning cutting processing, and other precise sheet-metal processing.


Head light

We pursue detailed quality "a acryl cover with high transparency without a deformation made by skilled work, a reflector by a vacuum deposition and high precision NC cutting."
In addition we cleave to reality and use High-Brightness LED to produce.

Cellphone / Digital device

We secure strength without a disparity of the upper and lower キャビ of twofold type cellphone by using particular flame. Also we apply three-dimention print by multilayer print and solid coating fix treatment to plating plate.
The digital devicees evolve remarkably still we provide always high quality design model.

Texture Sample

We reproduce the feel of a material by all artisan manual work and meet the customer's needs.


Aluminum dyeing

We use alumite dyeing and express the intention of the designer after making etching by various patterns.


The unit is formed in to the feel of a real figure"feel of material and weight" by giving the grain of wood painting from ABS or chemical wood.
Also the setting LED respond to a magnet sensor and flicker.

Clay model

We use an industrial clay to produce various scale model.
Also we respond to 3D-SCANNING for shiting digital modeling.

Plating sample

We respond various resin plating "chromium plating , gold plating and alminum evaporation."

Forming punching net

We use vacuum forming by YUJIN original technique to a resin punching net.

IH cooker

The illimine top panel that using clear acryl and light-guiding techniue.
The front face panels that using hair line coating.
The operation panel has high quarity switching action from oil damper.

Sponge cutting

We process a soft sponge as customer's request with original cutting technique.

Layer repressive (layer/depth)

We are able to process feeling of layer and depth with original processing technique and surface treatment.